Phohom's clad plate, flat plate and cylinders are reliable to be used for making industrial equipments such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pagodas, etc. As China's leading manufacturer of clad plates, we can combine more than 300 dissimilar metal combinations by our explosive welding process.

The thickness and production standards of Phohom's clad plates can be customized to meet demanding material design from different application scenarios, especially in industries of petrochemicals, natural gas and metallurgical smelting industry, which can't be solved by roll bond and weld overlay solutions.

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Clad Plates
Clad Plates
Clad Plates
Clad Plates
Clad Plates
Clad Plates

Metal Smelting I Petrochemical | Heat Exchange Equipment | Shipbuilding

Clad Plates
For clad plate and clad tube sheet, they can be used in the construction of pressure vessels and chemical equipment, where they provide excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength to ensure the long-term stable operation of these facilities.



Base Metal Grades Clad Steel Grades
ASME SA516 Gr.60, 65, 70 Stainless Steel 410S,405,304,304L,321
ASME SA105   316L,316Ti, 317L, 347H
ASME SA350 LF1, LF2, LF3 S31803(2205),N08904(904L)
ASME SA387 Gr.11,12,21,22 Nickel Alloy N02200(200), N02201(201), N04400(400)
ASME SA182 F1, 11, 12, 21, 22 N06600(600)/6625
ASME SA336 F21Gr.1-3,F12,F11,Gr.1 N08800(800)/8825, N08028(Alloy28)
ASME SA240 TP304L N10276(C-276), N06022(C-22)
ASME SA182 F304L N106455(C-4),N06059(59#)
ASME SA266 all Classes Titanium Alloy Gr.1,Gr.11, Gr17
ASME SA765 CL2 Copper Nickel C70600, C71500
ASME SA204   Copper C10200,C10400,C10500,C1100
ASME SA302   Aluminum C6300, C61400
Clad Plates


Maximum width 4200 mm
Maximum length 13000 mm
maximum total area 50 ㎡
maximum number of layers 11
Base metal thickness 0.2-500 mm
Clad metal thickness 0.1-100 mm



Clad Plates

N04400(400) + ASME SA516 Gr.60

Clad Plates

B265 Gr.2 + ASME SA516 Gr.70

Clad Plates

1070 + Q235B

Clad Plates

3003 + TA1 + 316L

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