Phohom New Material Routine-Reception of Third Party Inspectors

The third party inspection usually refers to the inspection service provided by a third party company or individual. Our foreign customers can not come to our factory to inspect their goods in person, so they commissioned a third party company to do it.

Before receiving the third party inspection staff, we have done a complete self-inspection to ensure that all the products meet the factory standard. Meanwhile, raw material quality certificates, PT test reports and other documents are also prepared in advance for inspection.



The third party inspection staff did the following tests complying with the customer's requirements and adopting the strict workflow:

1Use portable spectrometer to detect the composition of the material, check whether the material matches;

2Measure the length, width, thickness and unevenness of the product with tape measure, vernier caliper and filler gauge respectively;

3Do 100% PT test on the cladding welding seam;

PT (Penetrant Testing) is based on the wetting ability of liquid to solid and capillary phenomenon in physics. Firstly, apply the liquid penetrant containing dyes and with high penetration ability to the surface of the plates to be tested. The penetrant will penetrate into the open defects on the surface due to the wetting effect and capillary effect of the liquid. Then, remove the excess penetrant on the surface and apply another layer of highly absorbent imaging agent, which can adsorb the penetrant in the defects to the surface of the plate. Finally, traces of defects are shown on the imaging agent.

4. Do 100% UT inspection with UT detector;

UT (Ultrasonic Testing) is one of the methods of non-destructive testing in industry. Part of the sound wave will be reflected when ultrasound wave encounters a defect as it enters an object. Then analyze the reflected waves through the transmitter and receiver, defects can be detected accurately, including the location, size and thickness of internal defects.

After several hours of intensive work, the inspection was completed - the products were all qualified and exceeded the customer's standards!

Receiving third party inspection has been our daily work. In recent years, Phohom New Material has been exploring the possibilities of metal composite materials with the vision of "Technology Changes the World, Quality Serves the World", and is determined to provide global customers with better products and services!

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