Send Coolness to Ensure Well-being, Work Together to Create Brilliance

 Temperature has been rising day by day in summer. Recently, Hunan Phohom New Material Technology CO.,LTD carried out the activity of “Send Coolness to Ensure Well-being, Work Together to Create Brilliance” to ensure our staff’s safe and health. All workers fighting in the front line received the cooling purposes supplies and concern from the company.

 Due to the specificity of the process, our production site operators are prone to fatigue and heat stroke. To solve this problem, Hunan Phohom has also formulated a heatstroke prevention work plan, paid close attention to the meteorological forecast about the hot weather, and properly arranged the production during the high temperature period.

Hunan Phohom always puts the safety and health of our employees in the first place, and we will make constant efforts to provide better working conditions for our employees in the future.


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