Copper-Aluminum Clad Plate Used in Thermal Conductivity of Power Engineering

1. Conductive industry: Copper-aluminum clad plate used in the conductivity field (touch washers, conductive connection board, a variety of high and low voltage power distribution equipment, reliable sliding lines, etc.); heat transfer field (solar power generation, container board, hot kitchenware, various radiator, etc.); decoration industry (building curtain wall, copper door, copper tile, copper plate painting, etc.).

2. Radiator industry:Copper-aluminium composite radiator is a relatively cost-effective radiator, considering the aspects of heat dissipation, weight, and cost fees. Copper has a much higher thermal conductivity, its heat dissipation is actually stronger when used as a heat sink. However, it has two defects. One is that copper radiators have a higher relative density and weigh more than other types of radiators with the same volume,which puts more pressure on the motherboard and lead to deformation of the motherboard very easily. The other is that copper is more expensive, so purple copper radiators, although very good at dissipating heat, are too expensive to be reasonable. Aluminium is not as thermally conductive as copper, but it is also highly efficient at dissipating heat. And aluminium radiators are lighter and less expensive. Therefore, copper-aluminium composite radiator is developed in order to balance the thermal efficiency, radiator weight, cost and price. This type of radiator uses copper core, which can absorb heat faster. The heat sink is aluminium material, that can ensure high efficiency of heat dissipation, and control the cost, reduce the weight.

3. Power industry:Copper-aluminium composite raw materials are commonly used in the fields of power engineering, heat transfer, electronic devices, information content and so on. Copper-aluminium cold rolled composite raw materials not only has the advantages of high electrical conductivity, low circuit resistance and good thermal insulation, but also has the characteristics of light corrosion resistance and economic development. In the heat conduction industry, copper-aluminium composite raw materials can be made of heat dissipation plate-fin, which has the characteristics of close integration, low heat transfer coefficient, high compressive strength, low fluidity damage and high thermal conductivity, especially it is difficult to deform under prolonged hot and cold conditions and it can operate for a long time.

Copper-aluminium composite transition row can be used in the power engineering industry to make articulated connectors on welder's products. The connector has low fusion surface articulating resistor,  small heat transfer coefficient, strong corrosion resistance and good plasticity and forming. At the same time, use copper-aluminium composite raw material to make busbar row in the high-power equipment can solve the high calorific value and high consumption problems.

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